Condensing units ideal for medium and low-temperature commercial applications. Suitable for being installed outdoors. They use mainly Scroll type compressors, bur hermetic or semi-hermetic piston compressor are also available on request. Compressor room soundproofing. The generous size of the condenser guarantees running even at high room temperatures.

Indoor installation
Outdoor installation
Reciprocating compressor
Scroll compressor
Built-in condenser
With liquid receiver
Medium temperature
Low temperature
With soundproof housing
Small surface
Specialty store
Cash & carry
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Applications CPR brand CPR n° Refrigeration power KW Length mm P x H
TN COPELAND 1 2,8-7,4 1100 405x785-1085
TN COPELAND 1 8,7-22,5 1350-1950 755x1280
BT COPELAND 1 1,4-3,0 1100 405x785-1085
BT COPELAND 1 3,7-7,6 1350-1950 755x1280