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Subcritical CO2 Rack for low temperature applications

The Subcritical CO2 High Power Multi-system is suitable for low temperature systems operating in medium-large supermarkets. Refrigeration capacity is between 7 and 90 kW.


In line with market trends that have seen a boom in the organic sector with 21% growth in 2016, Arneg SpA supports major mass retail chains designing an advanced range of solutions with customised

In a historic place of technology as the former Alfa Romeo factory in Arese (MI), Arneg has launched the Ejector technology for CO2 transcritical systems where the biggest Shopping Center in Italy and Europe was inaugurated last April 14th.

Arneg, in collaboration with  Danfoss , Dorin and Luve, has developed two innovative  CO2 transcritical systems that  supply  more than 150 cabinets and cold rooms for an amount of

New vertical multi-deck

This new generation vertical multi-deck cabinet paves the way for a new concept in product display, in which beautifully simple design, optimised use of space and effective lighting play a strategi

New vertical multi-deck

A multi-deck wall cabinet with modern, minimalist styling. Optimised space and capacity plus strategically powerful lighting ensure an excellent view of the products on display.