Door for “Controlled Atmosphere” cold rooms for preservation and ripening where the internal temperature is not lower than -5°C; it guarantees the hermtic seal of the cold room.

A - Frame in plastic material internally reinforced in steel, white, with gasket tightening handwheels to ensure the gas seal.

B - Leaf consisting of a sandwich in prepainted sheet RAL 9010 insulated with PUR density 41 kg/m3, perimetric rim in aluminium with a gas seal gasket along its perimeter, with a standard thickness of 9 cm. An inspection porthole cm 70 x 90 H is mounted on the door leaf.

C - Sliding Rail in anodized aluminium with carter.

D - Back rail for sliding and regulation, wall mounted; it enables the sliding motion and the seal of the gasket, without additional accessories mounted to the floor that could be obstructive.

E - Threshold, connected to the frame, can be in 2 different types according to the required use of the door.

F - Internal frame placed on the internal side of the cold room permits rapid fastening to the prefabricated panels.