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Responsible refrigeration

The Ecodesign (2019/2024) and Energy Labelling (2019/2018) Regulations governing refrigeration equipment for direct sales were published in the Official Journal of the European Union on the 5th December 2019 and come into force on the 1st March 2021.


The Ecodesign Regulation applies to all commercial refrigeration equipment used for displaying and retailing fresh and frozen food products. The regulation establishes energy efficiency requirements for all products introduced after the 1st March 2021. Classification is based on the values given in the Energy Efficiency Index. Refrigerated cabinets exceeding a certain EEI value will not be permitted on the market.


Ecodesign EEI energy efficiency limits:
1 March 2021: EEI ≤ 100 (80 for ice-cream freezers)
1 September 2023: EEI ≤ 80 (50 for ice-cream freezers)


The Ecodesign Regulation eliminates less efficient appliances from the market and promotes durability and recyclable materials. Before they can be sold, products must have their performance, consumption, maintenance and disposal methods properly documented.

The final objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency.


Based on the European Union’s action plan for the circular economy, the Ecodesign Regulation defines energy efficiency and resource efficiency in terms of:

• The availability of spare parts (at least 8 years)
• Maximum delivery times for spare parts (within 15 working days of order)
• Repair and maintenance information provided on the manufacturer’s website
• Disassembly instructions for avoiding pollution during recovery and recycling 


Arneg contributes to the correct interpretation of these regulations by taking an active part in the RDC (Refrigerated Display Cabinets) working group of Eurovent, the European industrial association for indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), process cooling and food cold chain technologies.

On top of applying the regulations correctly, we aim to help distributors, customers and end users to understand and apply the information and data associated with regulated products.

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