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Our Policy


Policy of integreted quality and enviroment management system

Positioned as one of the market leaders in the industrial and commercial sector, ARNEG Portuguesa, Lda is aware of the impact that the company has on the environment, the local community and the customers it interacts with.  

This awareness leads the company to declare its social and environmental responsibility, in order to guarantee that its long-term development is sustainable and reflects the values and expectations of the workers, the organisation, the customers and all stakeholders in general. 

In this context, ARNEG Portuguesa develops its activity based on an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System. 

With a view to promoting the sustainable growth of the organisation and to progress with the development of its activities, ARNEG Portuguesa, Lda:

Strives to meet the needs and to anticipate the customers’ expectations, by providing a wide range of quality products and a personalised customer service;

Continually tries to improve its products and policies, plan and purposes, processes and procedures, teams and people, as well as its environmental performance, in order to reach the established purposes;

Undertakes to assess its performance on a regular basis, ensuring the full compliance with the legislation, the specific regulations and other requirements subscribed by the organisation;

Tries to minimise the environmental impacts resulting from its activities, products and services, preventing pollution and guaranteeing a rational use of natural resources; striving for the rationalisation of consumptions and re-use and/or recovery of the waste generated.

Is willing to promote the dialogue with the local community and to cooperate with public and private entities in activities that may lead to the improvement of the organisation’s environmental performance.

Establishes mutually beneficial relationships with customers and external suppliers;

Tries to involve all the levels of the organisation, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, in order for them all to contribute to enhance the quality of the performance of the organisation.

Promotes awareness and training programmes concerning quality and environment directed to its workers, encouraging the commitment with the environment and quality.


Code of conduct