Rapid fold-up door for positive temperature installations between 0° and 45° C and indoors.

Self-repairing: in case of shock, hinges welded to the tarp exit from the vertical uprights. They retract on their own at the following opening.

CE marked in accordance with EN 132411 standard.

Wind resistance: Class 3 (with max diam. 4 metres x 4 metres). The mantle covering is bound to the side uprights owing to a system of hinges welded sideways to the tarp; the latter slide inside the selflubricating polythene vertical guides.

Speed: opening 1,3 metres per second, closing 0.8 metres per second. Safety: ensured by light curtain  with system consisting of transmitter and receiver, in accordance with EN 12445.

Vertical uprights obtained from extruded aluminum alloy painted white RAL 9010 with a snap-lock system without screws., Door, usable in indoor environments, allows high visibility in transit areas., The fabric PVC allows quick exit from an environment, as it is easily breakable thanks to a central opening closed with a robust velcro; subsequently it is easily repaired, Motorgear 230V - 0.75kW with brake and absolute encoder. Complete with safety catch device. Protection grade IP 54. As standard is supplied the crank for the manual operation of the door. The motorgear is protected by thermoformed ABS cover, Safety: Optical barrier provided with transmitter and receiver system, in accordance with EN 12445